Thanks for checking out our website!  We’re going to assume you’re looking for the most appropriate veterinary healthcare facility for your pet or a veterinary emergency clinic.  The following words are to offer a deeper understanding of us at the Village Veterinary Clinic of Hamburg:

We take this profession seriously.  We address people how we would like to be addressed and we care for other people’s pets as we all care for our own.  During your visit you will experience our friendly and efficient reception team, energetic hospital assistants, New York State licensed veterinary technicians and knowledgeable, skillful doctors.  You may also see a tattoo or facial piercing.  You will hear voices from the hall (possibly saying something witty, but more likely what they had for lunch), music, laughter and hopefully less frequently, cursing.  It’s a unique individual who chooses to work for the betterment of animal health and we encourage individuality of our team members in the context of our professional, forward thinking animal hospital.  We are pathologically proud of our abilities to practice veterinary medicine and surgery.  If you’re looking for a change for you and your pet or would like another set of eyes/ears to check something out, give us a ringy-dingy.  We’re here to help you.

Village Veterinary Clinic of Hamburg

Merit Award Winner

This past year our newly built hospital was entered into a design competition with twenty-two other hospitals from around the country.  We are proud to announce that we were chosen as a Merit Award Winner; we were one of four winners!

We will be featured in the May issue of DVM360 magazine! 

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Click here to check out our Merit Award announcement!

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