Pet App

Request an Appointment

Please sign up with the email you would like to use as a correspondence with the clinic.
Once you download the app, your pet’s information should automatically upload. If this does not occur, we need to change the email address we have on file at the clinic.  If you are at the at the clinic, please let one of the friendly faces at the front desk know or if you are at home give us a call! 

If you are a new client (WELCOME!), you will not be entered into our practice management system at the hospital quite yet.  Once we meet you and your pet and enter in your information (including your email address), you can upload the app with the email you provided us!  Just be sure it matches the email you gave us today with your paperwork.

Any changes to the email or your account will take 24 hours for the app to update.

*The veterinary software we use at the clinic only stores one email address per household (client account).