Cat Boarding

We have a bright and cheerful room located upstairs, away from the action, that is dedicated to our cat boarders.  It is an exciting refuge filled with things to climb and explore (“cat”acombs, if you will).  Lucky humans chosen to interact with our cat guests will come bearing love, attention, laser pointers, feathers, secret stashes of catnip and other stimuli.

Feline Daycare and Boarding:
$19.00 for 1 pet per day
$12.00 for each additional pet per day
Boarding Special- Buy 10 days- get 1 day free

Medical Fees:
$12.00 per day- for routine medical issues (fluids, diabetic patients)
$22.00 per day- special medical needs

Miscellaneous Fees:
$27.00 Transportation fee if you require your pet to be taken to his/her personal vet in the unlikely event of a medical emergency
Flea or intestinal parasite treatment

Admission and Discharge Times for Boarding:
Monday- Friday: 7am-7pm
Saturday-Sunday: 8am-6pm

**If your pet is picked up prior to 11:00am on your scheduled pick up day, there will be no charge for that day.  If picked up after 11:00am payment is for the entire day.  You will be charged for the entire day you drop your animal off regardless of admission time.**

** All guests must be up to date on their Rabies vaccine, distemper vaccine, Kennel cough vaccine (dogs) and have a negative stool sample.