Emergency & Critical Care

If your patient comes to the VVC and they are hospitalized, we are able to accommodate them in several different critical care units that we have available.  Our 24 hour monitoring allows us to provide excellent patient care and peace of mind for our clients.  All patients that are hospitalized for illness or for surgical procedures are attended to and carefully observed by all team members.  They are never left alone.

We have state of the art monitoring and our team members remain knowledgable with the most current procedures and practices.

We have comprehensive monitoring and supportive equipment that can greatly help your pet if they are in need of it.

We have 3 isolation wards

Intensive care unit: This unit is for our critically ill or hospitalized patients.  There is enough room to fit pets ranging from a large dog to the a small cat.  This room is equipped with an oxygen cage if your pet is in respiratory distress.

Respiratory isolation: this is for pets that have a contagious respiratory disease (example: pneumonia).  This room also equipped with an oxygen cage.

Gastrointestinal (GI) isolation: this is for pets with contagious diseases of the GI tract (example: parvovirus).

We also have separate dog and cat rooms for those who are hospitalized.  We have a main treatment room for other critically ill patients, which is also equipped with an oxygen cage.

–> Oxygen Cage Bubbler at Work (Click Here)!… This video helps demonstrate what the oxygen cage does when in use!

Here are some of our strong, amazing patients!