Doggie Daycare

Doggie Daycare Announcement


Due to the high demand for doggie daycare at the VVCofH, we are now asking all clients to please call ahead and reserve weekday appointments for their pet’s playtimes.  We no longer are able to accept “walk-in’s” for doggie daycare.  We wish to accommodate more friends, but in our current space we are unable to safely do so. We hope you understand and do apologize for this inconvenience. We enjoy every single one of our daycare pals and look forward to hosting many more of you, slobber and all, in the near future. 

We’re going to let the following pictures tell you about our daycare services:

‘Nuff said.  Bring your dog and let him/her burn calories and socialize with other well-tempered pooches.  Human eyeballs observe the dogs at all times, looking for any potential “Jets” vs “Sharks” moments (who doesn’t love a West Side Story reference?) and make sure everyone is having fun.  You will certainly enjoy your dog that evening after daycare when they are having the deepest of deep sleeps, allowing you to enjoy your favorite, forbidden, nighttime snack without sharing a morsel.  Cheers!

Non- A La Carte Prices

 (tax not included)

Doggie Daycare:
$25.50 for 1 pet per day
$43.50 for 2 pets per day
Additional pets per day each $20
½ day is also available- 5 hours or less. Charges are half of the cost noted above.

Canine Daycare Packages:
$120 for 5 week days
$230 for 10 week days
$385 for 20 week days
These are for full daycare days only.

Feline Daycare and Boarding:
$19.00 for 1 pet per day
$12.00 for each additional pet per day
Boarding Special- Buy 10 days- get 1 day free

Medical Fees:
$12.00 per day- for routine medical issues (fluids, diabetic patients)
$22.00 per day- special medical needs

Admission and Discharge Times:
Monday- Friday 7am-7pm
Saturday-Sunday 8am-6pm

**Late fees will be assessed for pets that are picked up after listed discharge times**

** To play at the VVC your pet must be current on their Rabies vaccine, distemper vaccine, kennel cough vaccine (dogs) and have a negative stool sample.  All pets older than 6 months of age, must be spayed or neutered.


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