Lived in the area for over 10 yrs and my "Miracle" was lethargic, not eating or walking for almost a week. I'd been carrying her around the house, tried and got her to drink some water and eat a little. Her condition got worse. I called around and found VV and they took her in, in less than an hour.

Doctor & the young assistant were fabulous. God, even the receptionist was wonderful. The facility is larger than I could have imagined and immaculate.

I'm considering changing vets just because of their caring and compassionate staff.

Bravo to a job well done!

Oh, and my "Miracle" is gonna live!!!! 🙂 Enlarged/inflamed bladder and a UTI. One shot and 2 oral doses of an anti-inflammatory and she'll be as good as new, we hope.

Thank you all for the pleasant, professional and honorable services.

Gerri L Bunnell   

Village Vets was great for my families and I dog Lacy last May 2017. She wasn't doing well for some time and I decided to make her an appt and have her checked and we decided it was the best option to have her put down. The staff at Village Vets was so good good with my Lacy girl and very compassionate and understanding. I will never take my animals to another vet. You made my first experience at your facility wonderful, considering the circumstances. Thank you very much for that.

Jill Schmigiel   

Village Vet is a wonderful veterinary practice! I so appreciate the fact that they listen to me when I come in with one of my animals. No one knows my guys like I do and they are willing to listen before making decisions on what to do.

Linda Zabron   

Had a great first experience at this facility. Great staff and our first acupuncture treatment went great! Thanks

Andrea Rebecca   

They're great. They explain things in languages anyone can understand, and are very supportive.

Lauren Zdrojewski   

Dr. Reyda and his team are all terrific. They are friendly, knowledgeable, and really care about Abby (our dog).

The Courtney's   

I just want to send a shoutout to Dr. McFarlane & the Staff! Due to the recent temperature drop, I brought in a feral cat I've been feeding. I noticed the cat was ill & immediately called VVC. It was a Saturday afternoon & yet I was able to get compassionate & respectful emergency care for my Anipal. My Anipal needed surgery & again, the staff was OUTSTANDING in their treatment of us. A wonderful veterinarian practice!

Verona L. Moody   

We have been taking our pets here for several years and and we are very pleased with the time and care they give to us and our pets. From making sure our pets are as comfortable and relaxed as possible to answering all our questions and concerns and making sure we understand all options. They are always pleasant and their prices are affordable. We travel 1/2 hour but they are so worth it.

Lori S Maynard   

I love that when we come in they know who I am, know who my dogs are and that they truly seem to really care not only about the pets, but about their owners as well. The new facility is truly amazing! I am so happy that they now have a emergency clinic. They are all so willing to listen to what I have to say about my pet and I am never pushed into doing anything I don't want to do. I have had to put 2 of the best dogs down there due to sickness, and it was truly a blessing that each person there is so understanding of how you feel at that moment and even after. They were so kind, caring and compassionate, I will never forget what they did for my dogs and continue to do for them and myself, and that is to feel at home with family!

Amy Matyjasik   

All the staff at Village Vet , but particularly the doctor and the two vet techs, handled my mostly feral barn cat and her need for emergency dental surgery with compassion and skill. Everyone was supportive and friendly during this trying time. Although it wasn't easy to deal with this fearful animal, she received the care she needed and is now back home, eating, purring, and patrolling her turf.
I don't know of any other veterinary center which would have provided such great care for Crystal and her special needs!
I'm a fan.

Kathleen Davison   

We had an amazing experience, and truly believe they saved our cat! After wanting a second opinion from our vet at the time, as our cat was not eating and deteriorating quickly, we went here and met with Dr. Bork. She was knowledgable and comforting as we were very worried and upset. Because of her care (and the great overnight/emergency team), our cat Buttons was properly diagnosed and given the care that he needed to fully recover! I really appreciated the follow up calls, and the additional research that Dr. Bork did to find similar cases and medications that would help. Her genuine passion for helping animals was so appreciated and we feel so grateful to the entire team. Needless to say, we will be back for regular veterinary care. Thank you again!!!!

Leia Marino   

I can't say enough good things about this place!!! Imagine a veterinary clinic that actually cares about helping animals and easing the owners minds and not about how much money they can take from you. Very caring and compassionate people who work here and even after you leave the clinic they call to check in on your animal. This is a top notch veterinary clinic and I truly believe the STAFF are the key to this. Thank you so much for seeing Mocha and getting her the help she needed right away when we had no idea what was going on with her. So glad we caught this early on. Again THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

Sef Fen   

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