Online Pharmacy

Welcome to VVC’s Online Pet Pharmacy- VetSource!

The VVC has launched our first online pharmacy, VetSource! These products can be ordered from the comfort of your home and delivered to your door. The select medications and supplements will be products NOT found in our hospital, but medications we often write scripts for or have you find online at other pet markets.

We will still carry all the medications we have always carried, so when you come in for your office or emergency visits medications will still be dispensed at that time. You will also be able to refill medications at the hospital if you have done so originally. Our VVC doctors and medical staff will still be able to guide you as to what medications, supplements and foods are available and best for your pet.

The foods available at the clinic will also be available online. The brands include Hill’s, Royal Canin and Purina. Their are over the counter foods that will also be available. These are diets typically found in your local pet store, but now can be purchased and easily delivered to your doorstep.

Take some time to explore the website when it is launched and if you have any questions give the clinic a call!